Uwadiegwu Munonye Family Get-together in December 2016

There was a Get-together of the Uwadiegwu Munonye family at their home in Akokwa. This get together was held on the 31st of December 2016 based on recombination by Jackie Ugwueke.
Members of the local congregation, Umukegwu congregation were in attendance together with other friends of the family.
In attendance was Uwadiegwu Munonye himself who actually chaired the occasion and then Osondu Munonye, the first son who actually in a genius in so many fields of knowledge was in attendance with his lovely wife Emuche Munonye as well as the four kids, Jadon, Treasure, McMills and Esther. They actually have been at home, Akokwa about a weeks prior to this time.
Bethel Okeke (Adii) was also there with her for kids, Solace, Onyx, Trust and PraiseJah.
Also in attendance was Dr. Chidozie Onyekwere a seasoned dental surgeon in Nigeria. Chidozie happens to be my cousins, the last son of my aunt.

Highlights of the Occassion
Highlights of the occasion includes experiences related by members of the family from different part of the country. For example, Jackie Ugwueke related how she helped a fanatic gain knowledge of the scriptures under difficult situation.
There was also Kingdom songs performed by some of the kids and then then some songs were also performed on the keyboard by Kindson and some kids.
And then later that night, there was dance! dance! dance! you know, Nigerian music and it was lots of fun

The Get-together Continues the Next Day at Umuahia
This may sound funny but its true!
The next day was Sunday, January 1. This morning Frank Ugwueke, Jackie’s hubby, came from Umuahia and after meeting that morning we made it to Umuahia. I would place some of the pics we snapped there in the gallery so you can see.
There at Umuahia home of Frank, we met papa Ugwueke and Mama as well as Ezinne, Frank’s younger sister and a few others.
It was also like a get together.
Later that evening, we came back to Akokwa.