Website Live!

A website that helps family members connect has been published by KTTPro.

The website has been there for a couple of years but has not really been updated with the latest information and happenings in the family. This partly due to working to prepare for certifications which has kept me quite busy up to mid 2016.
Right now the website has been completed by KTTPro.who spent some time working on the site lately. Meanwhile, KTTPro is “Kindson The Tech Pro”, which is the title of my Channel, where you can get free materials on various areas of Information Technology. is a website that is meant to help family members connect with other members irrespective of location.
This website is not just for family members, but for everyone as it would also be reporting on recent local events. So you can always check back everyday for new updates.

Some of the great features of is:
1. Latest information on the happening in the lives of members, relatives and friends
2. Provision for users to make updates with own information
3. Email notification for subscribers on updates
4. Entertainment section provides you with fun stuffs such as piano covers, short stories, poems, jokes etc.
5. Comments allow you to comment on particular news item
6. User profiles allows you to create and edit your personal profile.