About my Mum – Part II

About My Mum, Edith Uchenna Munonye – Part I

My Mum was born on January 2nd 1950 to late Sister Irene and the husband Late Isaac Elebeke Uba of the Umundudu-Amaoji, Umuopia Autonomous community of Ideato North Local Government Area of Imo State, Nigeria.

Her Early Life
She was born in a Christian family of Jehovah’s Witnesses, the parents having embraced the truch in 1946. Mum and her other siblings were brought up in “the the discipline and admonition of Jehovah” – Ephesians 6:4. As an evidence of her appreciation of Jehovah’s organization and the truth, she dedicated her life to Jehovah and symbolized it by water baptism on December 26, 1959, just 9 years after her birth in 1950.
Furthermore, when Jehovah’s organization allowed sisters to participate in handling student talks in the theocratic ministry school, she was the youngest sister on record that handled a talk at the age of 10 with sister Beatrice Ugbejewo in Central Congregation in Onitsha, Anambra State in those early days. When her parents relocated from Onitsha to Aba in the late 1950, she joined them to do extensive preaching in Asa Amoka, Umu Oyoro Ohabiam and other villages of Ngwa in Abia State, She later enrolled as a regular pioneer in the mid 1960s.
Though she was spiritually vibrant, that did not disturb her secular education, after attaining her First School Leaving Certificate (FSLS), she admitted to a stenographic institute in Aba, Abia State and was renowned as an expert typist, a talent which she vigorously used in her theocratic assignments.


Marriage and Full-time Service
My mum was really beautiful woman physically and spiritually. Before her marriage, many suitors came to her parents and it was not easy for her to choose a mate for these reasons: She use to say “As a pioneer, I want to marry a brother who is a pioneer” of course regular pioneers were not as many as they are today. So she did not agree even though many of them were wealthy and impressionable young men. Another encumbrance lay the desire of her father to marry a native of Akokwa. The reason being that her father loved her best among all the children. Hence the name ‘UCHENNA’ (Father’s Mind). He once said, “Uchenna is the strongest of all my children in the truth”.
Jehovah indeed answered her prayers and the desire of her father was met when an Akokwa indigene, Ambass Uwadiegwu Munonye (now known as Uwadiegwu Uwanuakwa Munonye) approached her for marriage. He was a special pioneer.
On September 9, 1967 they got married in the heat of the Nigerian Biafran war. From the wedding day, till the end of the war in 1970, her faithfulness to Jehovah an zeal in the ministry did not wane. When the civil war ended, she was appointed a Special Pioneer in 1970 with her husband as special pioneer partner to establish Umuopia congregation in their home town Akokwa. Later to form the Ugwuoba congregation now in Enugu State.
In 1977, the family relocated to Warri, (the in Bendel State) and in 1978, her husband was appointed a substitute circuit Overseer. She was very supportive because the substitute circuit work is a very demanding assignment. So her role as an educator of the children under the direction of her husband yielded fine result as all the eight children became dedicated baptized witnesses of Jehovah. All the three surviving boys, Osondu, Othniel and Kindson are currently serving as elders in the Christian congregation(the other boy Hatesin died in 2014). Additionally, two out of the four, female children are serving as regular pioneers. Deuteronony 6:7; Proverbs 22:6