Hatesin, Oleander and Kindson – What Have Changed

Kindson, Hatesin and Oleander – Then and Now
I was browsing my archives of pictures and came across this. There is something really special about this photo, not just because of the symmetry created by the position of the persons in it but the memories triggered by looking a bit closer.


From Left to Right: Hatesin, Oleander Yuba, Kindson


First I think you need to know who those persons are. Of course, the first guy on the right is me, yes the real me about 10 years in time. I pretty much look the same now. The pretty miss in the middle is Oleander, she clearly doesn’t look the same now. Why? Your guess is as good as mine but let’s not get into all of that! The guy on the left, wow! It’s a sad memory. That is Hatesin, my brother, immediate elder. Cold hands of death took him in 2014, but I’m not bothered much as I hope to see him soon.


What was This Occasion
Before I tell you about the occasion, do you observe that that cloth is clearly not my size? Look at the pix again, you will notice that. The reason is because it was prepared using Hatesin’s measurement as I could not make it to Lagos to take measurement, I was busy with school, really busy with school, that is RSUST. I would tell you about that later.
So what occasion was this? It was Jackie’s traditional wedding, precisely in the evening of the wedding at Akokwa. I cannot flip my diary now to get the exact date but I would be sometime in 2003. I would discuss the wedding in details in another article. This is one of the most interesting traditional wedding I ever attended, not particularly because it was a family occasion but it created as somewhat compulsory “time-off” from the busy schedule of school. For sure, that day we ate and drank and had much fun as everyone was on ground to share the good times.
Take a closer took at the pix again. Look at the background. A natural environment of flowers and gree green vegetation created my Dad, a lover of nature who not a day goes by without doing some work related to nature. May be watering the plants, planting new ones, repositioning the flower pots and stuff like that. That is what he has been doing over the past 40 years and I miss this kind of hobby a lot as that is what life is meant to be. But life in the city has taken over with the stress of everyday trying to get things done.


What Has Happened Now
What about this three brothers now? They normally say ‘Ladies First’ ( though I don’t believe it), let me start with Oleander. As I mentioned before, she still looks pretty now as before, but I still must have to say that much have changed. Changed for the better. She is now married with two fine kids: Jeffery(7) and Ofure(5) as at 2006. Her hubby Ray, is also been a amazing fellow, I would tell you about him later. She now lives in Lagos with the family and does a part-time job of teaching.
As for Hatesin, you already know, he died in an accident in 2014. That was the same year my grandmother, from my paternal side( Victoria Munonye) died. Before his death, he was staying in Asaba with Osoo and working with the Institute of Human and Natural Resources.
What of Kindson? Yes, he is the writer of this blog you are currently reading! He also completed his school in RSUST and now enjoys writing stories, playing the keyboard and speaking in technology-related public events.


Thanks for Reading
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