About My Mum – Part II

About My Mum, Edith Uchenna Munonye – Part II
It is very clear the my mum brought up all of us in the discipline of Jehovah.
That is why, the Watchtower of February 15, 1999 page 10 paragraph 6 mentioned her family as a spiritually nourished family that bears godly fruitage. Mum has contributed immensely to the spiritual growth of the Uwadiegwu Munonye’s family.
When her husband handled translation assignments, she did all the typing of the handwritten materials.

When the construction of the branch facilities started in Igieduma in the 1980s, many bethelite and volunteer workers black and white that came to Warri for dental attention were hosted by the family and appreciated her industriousness in caring for thme according to their menu. Because their residend provided accommodation for travelling overseer, hospitality became part of her life, and this in turn inclined her to show generosity to all. What made her to be very productive in life spiritually is her personal decision not to engage in secular ventures and this enabled her to freely cooperate with her husband in raising all their eight children in the truth. It also made it possible for her to help other life seekers to embrace the truth.
During the Biafran war, her husband was assigned relief material distribution in some parts of Biafra. While away on this assignment, mum diligently attended all Christian meetings, participated in the field ministry and helped the congregation to be spiritually lively because most of the brothers were not able to come out for the preaching work for fear of conscription into the army.
One of the son’s, Brother Osondu Munonye was mentioned on the Watchtower of September 1, 1997 on the page 6, paragraph 4 as giving spirituality to elderly ones in the congregation. He is doing this in imitation of his mother who took care of her elderly father as a care-giver for 15 years.
Another outstanding record of mum shows in her willingness to travel to various parts of the country where her sons and daughters are living to take good care of their new born babies (Omugwo). She nursed her 13 grandchildren. In her congregation, Umukegwu Akokwa, she helped to make midweek and weekend field service enjoyable by her regularity and good companionship.
The husband brother Uwadiegwu Munonye’s arrangement or Golden Jubilee (50 years of marriage) which was planned for 2017 was gaining momentum when death, a cruel enemy snatched his wife from him. However, he regards the blow as momentary because his belief and hope of resurrection is stronger now than ever before – John 5:28,29


He Final Journey and Treasured Moments
She really loved life and did her best to make life meaningful for others. Even while in pains during the final lap of her life’s journey, she still spent three days in Igbariam from 15th – 17th of June, 2015 to preach in a territory where there is greater need for kingdom preachers.
She bore pain with strong faith and resilience, never allowing her faith to waiver for one moment, her last journey alive illustrates her joy of life as she shared in three successful weddings (one in Okija, one in Asaba and One in Warri) during the last 60 days of her life. No one noticed her discomfort except her close family and kids.
On route to various hospitals that oversaw her treatment for colon cancer she was encouragement personified as she witnessed both medical personnel and co-patients alike. Indeed until she succumbed to pulmonary embolism, she kept on repeating the phrase “I do not have a divided heart, my heart is strong”. Such was her nature, an embodiment of both grace and beauty.