Osoo’s Tribute to Mum

If The Sun Had Eyes, Edith – By Osondu Mills Munonye( First Son)

If the sun had eyes, what would it have seen?

During the untiring March across countless eons, what would it have espied

It would have seen some tyrant coward and fools live a hundred years and beyond

It would have seen some sages, prophet and king cut short in their prime

If the sun had ears, what would it have heard

In its tireless rhythmic journey across the skies, what would it have heard

It would have heard arrogant cries of gladiators and chest beaters

Yet it would have listened to the whisper  of the just and the wise silence of the oppressed

If the sun had a mind, what would it think about

What thoughts would chase across in mind as it sees men toiling and laboring

It would have thought about many opportunities for endless life lost and held with disdain

It would contemplated the altruism of someone who gave all to save their fellows

If the sun could write and has the earth as a writing slate

As it meanders daily through the seas and the horizons, what, tell me, could it have inscribed

It would have written tales of the furious and haughty men

It would also have missive tales of gentle women who left marks better tan some men

If the sun had a mouth and could speak to men

As he daily rises from the east and disappears down the west

It would have told the tales of disdainful and arrogant and told them: “Quiet Please!!!”

IT would have cheered on the mild, the righteous and the Godly

If the sun had eyes Edith, what would it have seen in you?

As it traipses over its orbit what would it have written about your 65 years on earth

Could it have seen a grasping, cunning woman claiming peerlessness

Could it have seen a gentle dove-like women, content to wait on her maker

Alas mum, I am a man, product of  your imperfect womb

I can only guess inadequately   the musings of the sun

But where human eyes fail the eyes of faith begin

An great vistas of tomorrow yet to come are given brilliance

I saw a woman who bore reproach with dignity and equanimity

A woman who sowed love and peace with vibrant liberality

I also noted a woman who took the good news of something better

To those who have been afflicted with the ravages of the wicked world

Yes she spoke and sang ballads mostly of that clime – that future land

Where all living will live without fear and dread

Indeed the sun would have seen a truly remarkable woman

A woman I called “Mma Ayi”, Our Mother

But unlike the sun with its unseeing eyes

Jehovah can see, hear, think and oh yes he can also write

And in the Bible he speaks of that glorious book he is writing

Whose content only himself and a few others know

The book of remembrance as attested to by Malachi and John

In this book, it does not matter that mum lived to see just sixty five+

The greatest man – God’s son lived for thirty-three+

It does not matter that mum had unfulfilled dreams

Those dreams will turn reality in a world far better than this

Sweet mum, lovely wife and great madam

It matters to me that you named me “race for life” (Osondu)

Because in this ongoing race, you have taken a time out

Cocooned away from the madding throng

And when the race is over and the price is given

From the roll call of those engraved in the Book of Life

It is my prayer that you will retake your place

Among the happy crowd who love God dearly and deeply from the heart


Tribute By Emuche Munonye

If men can translate wishes to reality,

I wish that my mum-in-law lived a few more years

I learn so much from her

The Open, loyal and unhypocritical happy laughter

The love of music, both theocratic and folk songs

The long tete-a-tetes

Discussing things that seemed so small then but now matters so much

The encouragement to see the preaching work

And the children’s upbringing as a career

Equal and rewarding as any other

I really miss you but it is only a temporary parting

With Jehovah’s help, I hope to see you once more

To listen to your golden voice in the new system devoid of pain