7 Lessons I Learnt From My Dad and Mum

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I would like to share with you some to the lessons I learnt from my Dad and Mum as it related to the family. I always believe that my dad and mum were the very experienced and wise has so much to teach.
The reasons I want to share some of these lessons with you is because I spend the first almost twenty years of my life with them. I left home for the first time at little above 18. That was when I got my admission to study Computer Engineering in the Rivers State University of Science and Technology in Port Harcourt.
Our family happens to be a large family of 10, that is eight kids plus both parents. So you can see there is so much to learn.
Some of the lessons I learnt in life that still guide me are as follows


Lesson 1: Put Jehovah First Right From The Start of Your Family
This is very important as my dad and mum were persons who were devoted to their service to Jehovah and took relationship with him very importantly


Lesson 2: Prepare For Challenges Before They Occur
Note that I say, “there MUST be…”. This means that right from the outset be prepared to manage challenges that may not even be there. That would help you instead of giving up, you face them and handle them together


Lesson 3: Carry Your Spouse Along in Your Plans
The relationship that my dad and my mum shared before her death in 2015 can be compared to a solid wall. When they do thing together and transparently, the wall remains strong. On the contrary, when one person carries on with a plan without the other, cracks are created in the walls. These cracks can be mended or widened depending on how much they do things together.


Lesson 4: Consider the Opinion of the Children
This helps to create a strong bond between family member. So when the children comes together to make a collective recommendation, it would be ok to give attention to it and possible carry it out.


Lesson 5: Attend Functions Together
This helps to create an avenue of communication between them. I remember many weddings I attended with my dad and mum together. Such memories are not easily forgotten. Another point is that when people always see them together, they have the confidence that they have the experience to help younger couple who would feel free to confide in them. In doing so, they strengthen the bonds further.


Lesson 6: Have Trust and Confidence in Family Members
That is one thing I always try to emphasize. Always believe the best about family members. Don’t create room for suspicion and mistrust. But when you find out certain lapses with someone, take steps to talk with him and give him necessary assistance if necessary


Lesson 7: Keep Family Matter Within the Family
Confidential matters of the family should not be carried to the outside. This means that you should not be complaining about a member of the family to someone outside or discussing negative traits of a particular member with someone outside. This creates discord especially when the person being discussed finds out that.
There are many other lessons but for now I think these 7 would suffice
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