The Story of a Very Humble and Lovable Man – Osondu Munonye – Part 1

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After taking a moment to reflect on the story of someone I consider a legend, I feel i should share it with you. I do think you can learn one of two lessons from the story of Osondu Munonye as I’m going to be brief clear and to the point.
You will naturally agree with me that I takes a measure of effort to reflect these two attributes mentioned in the caption: Humility and Intelligence. I personally find it very difficult to manage. The reason is because intelligent people tend to adopt a rather elevated view of themselves. This is not the case with Osondu Munonye (Osoo) as I would explain in a minute.

Brief Historical Picture
Osoo was born in the heat of the Biafran war in a small town called Ihiala in Anambra State. An then grew up in a number of cities including Akokwa, Warri, Port Harcourt Enugu e.t.c. This is because my dad’s full-time assignment takes him from on location to another.
He did is secondary School in Warri and proceeded to University of Nigeria, Nsukka in the mid 80s where he obtained his B.Sc in Agriculture in 1991.
Then in 1992, he moved to Warrri to join Schlumberger as a contract staff. At this time, my dad have decided to move from Warri to our home in Akokwa.
This is not a history class though! But before i forget, I would like to let you know, Osoo got married to lovely Emuche Munonye and they are now blessed with four kids.

Notable Events
I would like to share some of the notable events in his life and how he handled them to help you see why I could describe him as humble and intelligent.

1. Car Accident in 1994
In 1994, barely less than a year he had his first car (Mitsubishi Gallant) he had a terrible accident along Agbor Road. The car summersaulted three time and landed into a ditch. How he survived was just a miracle as the car was almost beyond recognition. I will tell you the full story in a different article.
In spite of this, he still went back to Warri and continued his work the next week. He did not allow this setback to affect the love for his younger ones as he continued to assist in any way he could.

2. Providing Support for Family Members
Osondu has always been there to provide needed support for the family members. I personally remembers all his advice when I was in school on the need for me to “read between the lines” and to take relationship with Jehovah seriously. Then he continues to provide school fees and other financial support for not just me but for other members of the family.

3. Loss of Job and Hard Times
Sometime in 1999( can’t remember the exact year), he lost this job. That was a terrible blow for a man who should be planning to find a girl and settle down at the time. In spite of that, I could remember I still visited him and he provided needed help. Things became so bad for him as of then that he could not even food the bills for the house. He has to move to Brother Ighavodha’s place and stayed in his boys quarters. In spite of this he was still happy, had a positive view of life and still tells his normal jokes. That is why they call him ‘Solid!”. He was never broken by challenges of life. That is one important lesson I learnt from him.

4. How he Handled the Case of Late Hatesin
If you have been close to the family, you will know about Hatesin, that is my immediate elder brother. At some point, he moved to Warri to join Osondu even though he has not completed his secondary school. Osondu still took him in, gave him fatherly advice and explained the need for him to return home to Akokwa to complete his schools and also have needed discipline. When he left Warri to Asaba, he still took Hatsin along and provided needed care. Sad to say though that Hatesin later died in a fatal accident in Asaba.

5. His Marriage to Emuche Munonye
At some point when he was close to mid 30s, the pressure mounted on the need for his to find a girl and settle down. I don’t know how keen he was to do this at that time, but whatever the case, the voice of loved ones was voice of reason for him and he have to bow to the pressure, especially as the first son. So between 2002 and 2003 the search began and he found. Of course he could have gone for the rich and famous, but he settled with a humble sister who was also doing very well in the ministry and have a good reputation. Though they are not the most wealthy, but they are still happily serving Jehovah and bringing up their four kids with contentment. They are always happy.

6. My Mum’s Death in 2015
This was the most painful part. My mum has been in Osondu’s place a few days before she died. And that was the place she felt much at home due to the care provided by Osondu and his family.
I already wrote about my mum’s death in this site. Osondu took care of Mum through the difficult times of health challenges until her death in July 11 2015 due to colon cancer.

Lesson I Learnt From Osondu Munonye
I have learnt so many lessons from Osoo that I would not have enough time to enumerate all of them, but let me just list a few of them.

1. Always respect your parents no matter how influential you have become
2. Take care of younger ones and other family members irrespective of your present circumstances.
3. Keep in touch with loved ones. Always communicated
4. Don’t allow difficulties to rob you of you joy
5. When its time to choose a girl, look for the humble and those that love Jehovah. Don’t focus on appearance
6. Always be diligent in what you do
7. Try to adapt to changing circumstances