Life Like a Mist – Ugo Obika Passed Away

I am still reeling from the tragic death of Ugochukwu, I am scared and angered at the unfairness that took him from us. We seek to make sense of this, to understand the reason why this happened. What plan could this have been a part of, what possible meaning or lesson can be gleaned from this?

Well meaning people will tell us that it is all part of God’s plan, or that this was just Ugochukwu’s time to go, that he is in a better place. But we cry out that while God certainly knows his plan, we do not. Ugochukwu may indeed be in a better place now, but we would have still chosen for him to be here with us.

Unfortunately, there are no easy answers, and as difficult and painful as it is, we must accept that He is gone. As a friend, I express my sadness, I acknowledge my loss, acknowledge the great importance of Ugochukwu’s life, and the loss to us all that his passing brings.

No, there are no easy answers, but there are other questions, very important questions that can be answered by looking at Ugochukwu’s life. And though we must face bravely the fact of His death, we owe it to Him and to ourselves to look at the bigger picture of His life.

I knew this young man for over 20 years. We grew up together, played with sand together, played skipping together, played with rubber bands together etc. Ugochukwu was, from the beginning to the end, a very intelligent and hard working man. He always had the brain from childhood. He always loved fashion from childhood. He loved looking at the mirror to see if he is handsome enough before stepping out. He was always on the look out for new opportunities. I wasn’t surprised when he advertised his business to me. I watched his business grow. I knew he was moulded to be a great man. He had passion for his fashion business. He had vision. I always used him as a point of reference to my younger ones. I was always so proud of him, About the man he has become.

It is true that there is much sadness here today. He will live on in all of us, enriching, guiding and blessing our lives. This is what we will remember. I have to stop here because I could go on writing till tommorrow as this is how I know how to best express myself.

Farewell Ugochuckwu. I will miss you

Composed by Adodo Oluwatosin Esther