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Growing up in Warri, Delta State, Nigeria

Growing Up in Warri, Delta State – Related by Kindson
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I feel I would need to share with you how life was when we were at Warri, which happened to be where I was born and spent the first eight years of my life. ( plus 9 months in the womb!).

Someone might argue that I may not have much to say about how life was at that time as I was very little. Remember I use to be a very smart kid, you know(let’s keep that for another day). Besides I spend time with my mum and dad most of the time asking questions on what happened and tapping from their experience


Our Home – Early 80s
For me I was born in a small maternity in Enheren, that is in Uwhieh Local Government area. As of then my dad was super busy with so many responsibilities, both theocratic, secular and family. Although few days before I was born, my dat just return from a trip to Isreal. He had a flower garden and does estate maintenance with a number of firms including NNPC then.
It was in this period that my dad moved from a bungalow to a duplex where I remember growing up in. One thing I love about the home was that it was a very big garden as well as orchad. That means that there where grass fields to play in, flowers everywhere to admire, fruit trees and other trees to climb, and many more. Then we had two dogs: Billy and Skippy that I played with so much though Skippy died at some point I can’t remember. Then our home was bordered by a river at the rear where we go to play and swim everytime.

Home Library was just like the Internet for us in the 80s & 90s

Nursery School for me
At the age of about three, I was enrolled in a small school called Mamode Nursery School and each morning, my mum takes me to school. My mum was so caring. I would never forget those days when we would be given pap in the morning at school! That was how life was in that kindergarten. Then I loved school very much and after school, my mum would come to take me home, sometime a different persons comes. I was one person that never cried in school even right from first day in school or tried go back home before school dismisses ( some may argue this but let’s not get into that)
One other point I would like to point out is that there was an elaborate library at home so information was not in short supply. The picture is shown below.


Primary School – Late 80s
When I was 5 in 1988, which happens to be the year Saffron was born, I was enrolled in a primary school called Hope Nursery and Primary School. Oleander was also in that school in the nursery section. One thing about the school then that upset me was that there were bullies in the school and that made me hate school at the time. So, sometimes, I just would not like to go to school. My mum also drops us off in the school in the morning and in the afternoon comes to pick us. Sometimes we walk to school, I mean me and Hatesin who I was very close to. I would never forget those morning we would be very excited having 10kobo each for snacks!

Relationship with Neighbors
Our home was flanked by different flavors of neighbors. For example, to the right side was Mr Obiomah, father of Ufuomah who happens to be a close friend to Jackie. Then close to the main gait was Mr Atah who also have a large compound. The kids attended the same school with us. I remember my close friend Jolomi Atah. Then we had another neighbor, Mr Dudubare and then others living in shanties. I would not forget to mention Mr. Oniyama who returned from Liberia and lived close by. I spend most of the time at their home in the evenings. Mr Onyefusionu was also there with the family as well as Mr Ohanyere.
One thing I would always remember was that I considered this neighbors like friends and felt free to go to any of their homes without fear. In fact the kids around there all played together irrespective of background. That is one thing I still miss till today.


The Passing Years
As the years passed by I realized that we had to leave Warri in 1980/1990 and relocated back to Akokwa. Why my dad took that step is a story for another day. I would post the article once I gather all the necessary details.
So this is the story of how life was then and I hope you enjoyed reading. If so leave a comment.
Additionally, if there is something I’m missing out one, you can also point it out using the comment, feedback or contact form. I would like to thank you for your time.

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