June 21, 2024

Spending Time With Kids Relieves Anxiety – See Why

Yes, that is very true. This I can tell you from my very experience, so It’s not something I read from some book. It is a fact that have been tested and found true.

So if you have your own kids, know that you have a blessing of great value. Unfortunately, some people have failed to value these great asset that our heavenly father bestows on man.

Lets now discuss why we say that spending time with kids can actually improve your health. Added to that, this can also help you cope with anxieties and serves as some kind of training for the kids. Before we discuss these points, lets look at common misconceptions that parents/guardians have about kids.

Me, Jadon, PraiseJah, Solace, RaluJah, etc


Some Misconceptions

Misconception 1: Your Kids are Reminders of Your Responsibilities

This is not correct because in the first place, you don’t need any reminders when it comes to your responsibilities towards your kids. Your efforts in life is actually channeled toward the benefits of your kids.

Misconception 2: Kids Are Always Irritating to be With

The world generally is irritating, not your kids. Your kids are there to help you unwind from the stress and discomfort hurled on us by the critical times we are living. Think of this? When do you feel more stress? Is it when you are at work or when you are with your kids relaxing and playing around at home? That is one. What is the source of disturbing news? Is it from the kids or from the world around? So you see clearly that with the right frame of mind, the spending time with kids actually is tonic you need to cope with pressure

Me, Sofia and Samuel

Fun With Kids Keeps Anxieties at Bay

Now what does it take to have good time with kids, i mean just to laugh and play? A piece of candy cookie or chocolate! Short stories of what happened in the land of the animals! What happened in the land of the animals. When tortoise was king! Just name it. Or you can make up a song all by yourself and their face would light up as they listen to you sing. It may not be interesting to you, but for them that is all they need to be in cloud9. So next time they come around you, you know exactly what to do.


Time Spend With Your Kids Make Earns you More Attention From Your Spouse

I feel it when i hear some men say that they don’t get much attention from the mother of the child as the child gets. There is a simple solution to this deadlock and it is: Give attention to the kid and the mother will give attention to you, its that easy. If you as a father totally abandon the kid to the mother to give all the needed care, then you put yourself is a difficult situation, their mother’s interest in you would also diminish. So spend time with the kids while their mother is watching and relaxing nearby.


You Will be Happy to see the Kids Trying to Imitate You

That is the fun part. The more you spend time with kids playing with them, the more they learn from you and the more they try to do what they see you doing. So you see that the training comes naturally and the would give you more time to relax and less time shouting on them to do or not to do

Final Notes

I find out that the time i spend with kids turns out to be the times I was least anxious. One thing i see it that this point may not be too obvious until you experience it. For me, I don’t have my own kids for now, but what of you? This is time to spend time with your kids especially after work in the evening and on weekends. Believe me, if you you see what you have been missing.


Spend as much time with your kids as you possibly can. If you don’t have kids, give some attention to other kids you see around you, it will not only benefit you but it will also benefit them.

Thanks for reading and if this makes sense to you, let me know by saying thanks in the comment box.

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