April 12, 2024

The Story of My Grandfather – Ebenezer Munonye

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I would like to tell you the story of a man I consider I value so much but could not spent much time with him before his death. The man is Pa Ebenezer Munonye, my grandfathers.

Early Life
Grandpa was born to the family of Munonye Asiegbu(My great-grandfather) and his wife in the early 1900s. though I can’t recall the exact year but by my calculation and analysis it would be sometime between 1904 and 1909. The family was a successful and wealthy family at the time.


Life in Port Harcourt
Grandpa settled down in Port Harcourt at an early age and even consider himself a native of the area he settled, known as Iwofe. He lived a free and simple life.


Marriage and Family
He got married at his late 20s to a young hardworking woman (my grandma, Victoria Munonye) when he was in his late 20s and both lived happily in Port Harcourt. The children include:

  • Irene Onyekwere (Nee Munonye)
  • Daniel Munonye (Late)
  • Blessing Uzoh (Nee Munonye)
  • Uwadiegwu Munonye
  • Gideon Munonye(Late)
  • Bartholomew Munonye(Late, died oversea)
  • Joy Munonye

Grandpa receive the truth as a young man and allowed the truth of God’s word to guide his life. He spend most of his time preaching and teach. More importantly he raised all the children in the discipline of Jehovah


Wealth and Influence
Ebenezer Munonye became very wealthy and influential in the area due to his diligence and love for the people around him. He had a family of tens of persons who he worked with and fed and all saw him as a father even though they had just seven children.
He accommodated everyone irrespective of background and took all as his own children. He had a number of business including an elaborate animal farm with dozens of pigs and other animals, a large poultry, fish ponds etc.
In addition to that, he likely employed dozens if not hundreds of person to work with. His farm provided produce for far and wide areas including Markets in Mile 3, Mile 1 and Town.
He became well known throughout the region such that the area was now names after him as “Onu Mmiri Ebenezer” that is “Ebenezer Water Front”. Such was the level of grandpa’s extent of influence at the time


Effect of the Biafran War
When the civil war was raging in mid-1968, he realized that his life was at stake. This because when the Northern soldiers invaded the area, he got a tip that he might be killed. My mum told me that already, one old man has been killed and thrown into the water.
So one early morning, he took his bag, a small bag and left to Akokwa where his parents use to stay. Surprisingly he never came back, he left everything. It was weeks later that my grandma came back to Akokwa to join him. Then other family members much later. More importantly he carried on with his ministry and was happy he still had opportunity to help people
He live in Akokwa with my grandma until 1993 when the enemy, death came visiting and took him away. He died of stroke that year at the age of about 87.
This is the story of my grandfather, Mr. Ebenezer Munonye

I hope you found this story useful and if so, leave a comment. I would like to thank you for reading.

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2 years ago

Wanting to help is in the genes, congratulations