June 21, 2024

We Still Cry for Barbara

Some memories cannot really end and till this moment, we still cry when we remember Barbara. Words can’t really explain

Late Barbara Munonye Idhugwe

When a message came on Tuesday, 3rd of October 2017 that Barbara collapsed due to heart failure and has been hospitalized, the first thing that came to my mind was: ‘Why Barbara?’.  The next day she was moved to a different hospital in Warri after a day in a hospital where they could not manage the situation. As of then, the situation has worsened a bit. She was then moved to another hospital where she was placed in life support. Already she had been treated of Cancer some years back but this time, not just that the hear was failing, the kidney was also failing.

By Thursday, Wednesday, the blood level has dropped and of course she was given blood volume expanders to help boost the blood level. Interestingly by the next day, we heard that there was some improvement. So I concluded personally that by the following week, Barbara would be at home.

All of a sudden the unfortunate call came on Saturday that beloved Barbara has given up.  Just like that, our beloved Barbie is gone, for real gone and now in Jehovah’s memory.


What is Special About Barbara

I knew her when we were kids  and at some points, we come home at  our family home at Akokwa where as kids we would stay a few days with our grandparents. One thing about her is that I see she is one of the most intelligent members of the family. In fact at some point when she was in secondary school she wrote an interesting story called “The Princess of Peu”, so you can how good she was. In school, you can be sure that she was the best.

More importantly, she loves Jehovah very much and takes spiritual things seriously. This spiritual beauty which is more important than the outward beauty(of course you can be sure, if you know her) is what makes her special and I’m sure that also drew her beloved husband Okeoghene Precious Idhugwe to her. This is why I could say that she is my favorite cousin.

One thing I could remember about Barbara is that she was also the parent’s favorite. I still remember the Dad always call her Barbie, that was her pet name. Not to forget is the fact that she was always happy always have a cheerful outlook and that endeared her to people around her

When it comes to industriousness, she sets the pace because I could remember she always helps the mum in the kitchen even as a kid. She was really down to earth. If i continue to talk about the special sister of ours, I could run out of time, but be sure that Jehovah loves her as well. We rest assured that she died with her hope of resurrection intact.

We hope to see her again when Jehovah calls very soon


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